Maxism - Dawn of the Immortals

by B.G Max

By this time society looks like this: there were wastelands, and there were cities. In the wasteland lived Communities and Hermits. In the city there were Loosenades. The size of the flats available defined the size of the Loosenades. However, their mixing of races was exactly defined by the Artificial Intelligence. It was aimed at representing all races in a Loosenade in order to help mixing them. The other point was sexual attraction, therefore the Artificial Intelligence analysed through complicated algorithms the sexual attractiveness of each person, and at the end of the process gave Attractiveness Credits. It selected people with the same number of credits for each Loosenade. Because of obligatory and modern contraception methods, sexual intercourse was not forbidden, even encouraged as a free-time activity, but having a baby was only possible with a permission from the Council of Elders. Lot of people did not even know, that sex can lead to an infant, so they did not even thought of doing it for this purpose.

As an alternative to the permitted, natural born babies, in order to have enough workforce the State ran baby factories, where according to the calculated needs by the Artificial Intelligence, they produced workforce in different sizes, colours, and biological sexes.

As a baby, Max had been born in a so called family. Max was conceived by a person with biological sex of woman and also a gender of woman. The same with his father who was a man both biologically and gender like. He was born in a clinic, in Sun City. During the birth it was already evening, the ligths were on, the windows of the clinic could be seen from far away. On the empty premise in front of the cilincs children were playing football. "I caught you"- was heard from somewhere.

So Max just walked around the deserted oil pumpjack and took a good look at it. In the former barracks of the workers he found a scissors and a mirror along with a razor. He decided to cut his hair. His tactic was the following: he pulled his pointer finger on the back of his neck from one shoulder to another. Then, he repeated it a bit higher until he made this imaginary cirle from top of his one ear to the top of the other. By this time he felt the line so definitely, that he could cut his hair around to the same length. Then he took the razor and shaved the hairs down on his neck. With the help of the mirror he put a bit of slant in his work, and voil√°, he was ready. Maybe his partner, Lea would fix that, when he goes back to the community.

After having this finished, he went back to his car, as looked up at the turning windturbine, another thought came into his mind. Something, that happened later. He was walking again with his grandpa. They reached the wind turbine. At this time Max had already been a rebelling teenager living a wild, restless life searching for the meaning of the whole world. His grandpa looked at the wind turbine and smiled. "-What is so funny?"- asked Max.
"You know, buying a windmill is also an option, but I made this one myself. And can you imagine how your grandmother was praising me for this? She said, there had no other husband in the world ever been with such good hands and mind, who could fabricate things like this. This makes me alway happy and smile when I look at it."
"Bullshit!"- said teenager Max - "In the shops you can buy much better ones designed by computers tested in a wind shaft. They are much more efficient, they get out of the same wind more power."
"And the praise I got, did not worth it?"-asked his grandpa.
"That doesn't matter much"- said Max. "I'll tell ya how it works. There are things like good looks, social status, sense of humor, and at last but not least how you serve the purposes of a woman. A woman makes an average of all this, in the first second you met. Automatically, unconsciously. She puts a weight on this average according to his opinion of herself, that is, how hot she thinks, how valuable she thinks she is. If you reach the Love Threshold, she will be fallen in love in you, as long, as you deliver the Love Threshold. If not, there starts the agony with saying that the old love and blazing is somehow disappeared and so on... Praise? She does it only to get what she wants. If she wasn't proud of you, she wouldn't be with you anyway. No need for praises at this point. This is how the world is, Grandpa."
"It's terrible"- said the old man.

B.G. Max lives in Hungary, Europe. He welcomes your comments at gazdapiac (at)

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