Maxism - Dawn of the Immortals

by B.G Max

1st January, 2099

( This text uses PPP /Progressive Personal Pronouns/ i.e. you may imagine whatever sex or gender for the characters when reading: I, You, Hu, We, You, They )

After leaving the Community, Max was already cruising in the wasteland for three days. Suddenly, hu heard a loud beeping, and a blinking light on the dashboard warned hum that the batteries in his car are going down. Hu knew that the system has only one hour time and after that hu won't be mobile any more. Few days ago hu went past an oil pumpjack that was hit in the middle by the war. Hu hoped to find something, that can recharge his car. So hu turned his way there.

The tower was there, stood slant, like it was torn out by an immense hand from the ground then put it back. By looking at it from far the color of the spilled oil blurred with that heap of burnt out, sooted, melted metal heap which once was the barrack for the oil workers, storeroom, machinery. There was also a wreck car, it was probably the oil master's. It was a very old type of car, not even fully electric.

Hu couldn't find any device suitable for generating energy. The generator units has apparently been taken away by others. In the cities of the Mortals there was of course energy. However, they had to pay its price: they had become mortals. In the wasteland of the Immortals energy worth more than gold, although gold is only necessary for Mortals, for Immortals it is worthless.

Max took out the generator from the wreck car. Hu also found a long pipe, maybe part of a pipeline. One of the towers of the oil torches was still standing, so hu decided to take advantage from the hot desert wind.

Hu took the pipe and drew a rectangle on it. Hu didn't have any measurement device, so hu took a piece of wire, and called it unit 1. Hu measured it three times on the pipe, and drew it with a piece of coal. This was the width of the rectangle. Then again, hu measured twenty times the same, this became the length of the rectangle. Finally, as hu knew, that the rectangle width 3 times the original unit, hu measured the original one unit in the middle of the width. Hu drew two lines to the other end of the rectangle, so hu got a long trapeze. Hu cut it out with an old saw blade that hu found amoung the junk.

The light metal wheel rim of the wreck car was suitable for screwing the blades on it. Only a belt was needed and the generator was rolling. Hu took out a diode bridge from the remains of an old computer. The power supply of this computer was quickly to be converted to DC-DC converter. There was enough energy in Max's car to exicate the generator. Cable were enough in the junk. The hot wind of the wasteland started to roll the blades, and the batteries started being charged.

As hu was looking at the rolling blades, hu saw hus grandpa's face. Hu was a child, was standing next to him. Hu took his hand and they were looking up. Hu could have been 5-6 years old. Above them a big, red painted wind turbine, which was turning around in the wind, just like this, now. "Grandpa, why is this wheel turning around?"- asked little Max. "Because the wind is like a big wave, it hits the blades, tosses them as long as they start to move." "The wind?" "Yes, it is. It is very big and strong." "And why is it good, if this wheel turns?" "Because it turns a machine, which pumps up water from the well. You know, plants need water to grow. If they grow, we have our food to eat." "So, the wind gives us food?" "Yeah." "And who gives us the wind?" "You can't see him, but we get everything that is good and nice from him, just like the wind."

Max went around - on foot. It takes a day to recharge hus car with this wind method. So hu has time to look around.

B.G. Max lives in Hungary, Europe. He welcomes your comments at gazdapiac (at)

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